The Benefits of Drinking CBD Tea

There is nothing more comforting than a warm cup of tea, especially in the cold winter months. That is why this January we are celebrating Hot Tea Month (look it up, it’s a real thing.) Tea has been a staple in numerous cultures around the world for millennia. Tea, in its many forms and flavors, has continued to adapt to modern times with new variations like CBD infused tea. In fact, CBD tea is one of the most popular wellness supplements today due to the combined benefits of tea and CBD.

Interested in CBD tea and what it can do for you? Here is all you need to know about CBD infused tea and all its benefits:

About CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an organic compound found in industrial hemp known for its natural medicinal properties. In recent years, CBD has revolutionized the wellness industry with its CBD-infused products such as oils, edibles, and beverages which can provide relief from symptoms related to conditions like chronic pain, lack of sleep, and anxiety. Unlike other compounds found in hemp, CBD has no psychoactive properties, so it does not produce any mind-altering effects.

CBD Tea Benefits

There is plenty of evidence suggesting CBD infused tea can improve your health. Tea alone may help with heart disease, weight loss, lack of sleep, and digestive problems. By combining the soothing benefits of tea with the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol, CBD tea can provide users with a safer and more natural alternative to treat symptoms associated with various common conditions. CBD tea benefits include:

  • Better Sleep: A warm cup of CBD tea at night is the perfect natural sleep aid. Both CBD and tea deliver relaxing effects that can ease the mind and the senses to achieve a deeper sleep. For the best results, try CBD with chamomile tea which is the most popular tea for sleep.

  • Pain Relief: Millions of users currently use CBD to treat chronic pain. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain sensation in receptors located throughout the nervous system. CBD tea can help minimize muscle and joint pain related to injuries, age, or medical conditions.

  • Reduced Anxiety: Studies have proven CBD activates serotonin receptors upon entering our systems. Serotonin receptors are believed to modulate anxiety levels and be responsible for promoting feelings of well-being and joy.

  • Improved Metabolism: Tea has long been used to alleviate problems related to metabolism and indigestion. CBD can further improve our metabolism by interacting directly with the endocannabinoid system, the complex network of receptors which regulates many of our biological processes.

  • Coffee Alternative: Like coffee, CBD tea can be served hot or cold and is welcome at any time of day. However, unlike coffee, CBD tea produces no crash or jitters which can often interfere with your energy and productivity levels.

Where to Buy CBD Tea

With the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is now legally available nationwide. CBD infused tea and other CBD products can currently be purchased in stores or online through retailers like Green Roads. Green Roads CBD Tea is made with natural ingredients like chamomile, vanilla, and peppermint. Most importantly, Green Roads CBD Tea is made with high-quality full-spectrum CBD and formulated by licensed pharmacists with years of experience in the industry.

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