Green Roads Wins “Best CBD Product” at CBA Awards

Earlier this month, several Green Roads brand representatives traveled to Colorado for the Cannabis Business Awards where Green Roads was nominated for three of the most important awards at the annual ceremony. Though we ultimately missed out on the hat trick, the wins at the Cannabis Business Awards mark the triumphant culmination of our most successful year to date and the beginning of all the exciting things that are yet to come.

What are the Cannabis Business Awards?

The Cannabis Business Awards is an annual ceremony celebrating and honoring professionals within the field who have contributed to industry progression in the last year. According to the organization’s official website, “The Cannabis Business Awards are presented to cannabis industry businesses, individuals, and organizations in both medical and recreational sectors, as well as ancillary industries. Awards go to those deserving of historical recognition and esteemed accolades.”

This year, the ceremony was held on December 7th in Denver, Colorado where Green Roads won two of the most anticipated awards of the night. Green Roads earned the “Best CBD Product” award, perhaps the most important recognition any CBD company can receive. Co-founder Arby Barroso also won the “Advocate of the Year” award as a recognition to his incessant efforts to educate the public about the benefits of CBD. Additionally, Green Roads was nominated for “Most Influential Media Source” for their Cannabis Life Radio. All in all, it was an outstanding night for Green Roads and a culmination of a year of hard work.

Best CBD Product: Green Roads in 2018

For Green Roads, there is no better way to end 2018 than being the recipient of the “Best CBD Product” award at this year’s ceremony. This past year, the CBD industry has experienced unprecedented growth, and Green Roads has been at the forefront of that progress. We see this award not just as a recognition to our products, but as recognition of everyone who has put countless hours of hard work in the last 12 months to help Green Roads become one of the most trusted CBD companies today.

This year has seen our line of CBD products grow into one of the most diverse and comprehensive assortments in the market. With innovative products like CBD coffee, gummies, and our recently added CBD bundles, Green Roads’ collection has a CBD product for everyone.

Our growth in 2018 can also be reflected in our media presence. We have been featured in CBS 4 Miami, Cosmopolitan, and Inc. Magazine, among other prestigious publications. We have also collaborated with prominent organizations such as Mission Zero and the American Red Cross to help communities in need after tragic events like Hurricane Michael.

Advocate of the Year: Who is Arby Barroso?

Few individuals could genuinely rival Arby to be the advocate of the year. For years, he has been one the most influential voices in the CBD and cannabis industries, and this award is proof of that.

Arby Barroso founded Green Roads alongside pharmacist Laura Fuentes in 2012 with the mission of making CBD more accessible to those who may benefit from it. With Arby’s vision and Laura’s expertise, Green Roads quickly began to gain a reputation as a reliable company offering high-quality CBD products nationwide. The overnight success of Green Roads turned Arby into a powerful presence in the industry as he quickly found himself at the center of the CBD industry then in its infancy.

Currently, Arby travels the world speaking at special events and educating people about the benefits of CBD. He is also the Chair of the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board in Broward County and is one of the hosts of Cannabis Life Radio, a podcast dedicated to all things cannabis.

What’s Next for Green Roads?

While these awards are a great way to end the year, they also signal what is next for Green Roads. We are currently working on many new products planned to launch in 2019, and our team continues to grow to provide users with the best CBD experience in the market. Additionally, the recently approved Farm Bill could open new doors for CBD brands, pushing companies like Green Roads into the mainstream and making 2019 the year of CBD.

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